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Shenzhen CTV video intelligent co., LTD


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Contact person:Mr Liu

Address: the street of sakata in longgang district, shenzhen city

No. 10, weikantian industrial zone, east of snow science park

P 6 floor of

Shenzhen CTV video intelligent co., LTD. Is the research and development, production and supplier of the Internet of things, which is the core of video. To build quality products, moderate price, professional technology to serve customers inside and outside the sea. Its products include: wireless indoor cloud platform, card machine, outdoor waterproof cloud platform shaking head, gun, visual intelligent doorbell and other smart home devices. Popular in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Britain, South Korea, Japan and other 15 countries and regions. And has a reputation.

"Intelligentization, visualization and cloud" is the application field that shenzhen CTV video intelligent co., LTD will always advocate and promote following. Standing in the tip of the high and new technology industry, adhering to the "pragmatic, innovation and development of reason" tenet, with talent as a fundamental, based on the technology, market-oriented, with service as the core, with our professional and pride of services, to create unique value for customers, for global users high-quality comprehensive intelligent high-end Internet products, is committed to by implementing product and product, people and products, from each other, let all family no longer insecurity, pilot a homebody person.

China vision video intelligence will be based on integrity and win-win cooperation. You are welcome to continue to join hands with Chinese video intelligence. To create a harmonious society and a safe world.

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